What Box? Creatively Constructed Real Estate Deals Webinar

Watch this webinar about a creatively constructed and funded deal Bill and Kim put together to acquire an investment property that produces solid mailbox money.

This webinar is hosted by our good friend Larissa Greene with Advanta IRA.

These days, too many investors have only one deal structuring tool in their deal structuring tool box: THE BIG DAMN HAMMER!

By BIG DAMN HAMMER, we mean a 60-cent-all-cash offer.

If this is the only “creative deal structuring” tool you know how to use, have you given any thought to the number of possible deals you walk away from each month just because you don’t know how to structure an impossible deal into a profitable deal?

The deal Bill Cook goes over in this webinar, all of the following techniques were used to make this deal work:

– Lonnie Deal

– Self-directed IRA

– Participation Note

– Personal Property Trust

– Second Bite of the Apple Deal

– Teeter-totter Offer

– T-bar Offer

– Private Money Lender

– Lease Option

– Owner Financing

This deal is just one of about 40 creatively constructed and funded deals Bill Cook and Pete Fortunato will show at the 3rd annual What Box? seminar in Atlanta, Georgia on September 14 & 15, 2019.

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Kim Cook Administrator
Happily married to Bill Cook since 1995, Kim is a full-time real estate investor.