What Box? Seminar 2024

Join Bill Cook for 2 Days of Creative Deal Structuring & Financing!

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September 14-15, 2024
Marriott Tampa Westshore | Tampa, FL

What Box? 2024 Isn’t Just About How To Buy Houses. It’s About Creatively Buying, Selling, Lending, Borrowing, Land-Lording, Renting, & Protecting Real Estate.

A successful investor’s most important tools are imagination, curiosity, fearlessness, persistence, and the willingness to meet with sellers.  What Box? The Seminar helps you see the different ways you can creatively construct a deal without using institutional financing.  What Box? helps you realize that when it comes to real estate investing, there is no box.  Everything is Possible!

What Box? 2024 Seminar is all about CREATIVELY BUYING, SELLING, LENDING, BORROWING, RENTING & PROTECTING REAL ESTATE.  What Box? 2024 is one of the most advanced creative deal-structuring classes in the country.

WHAT IS WHAT BOX? 2024  ~  In the REAL WORLD of creative deal making, rarely is a single deal structuring tool used by itself to make a transaction happen. In the REAL WORLD, we must use multiple tools to make a single deal work.  We call this STRUCTURE STACKING!

WHAT BOX? 2024  ~  is a one-of-a-kind ADVANCED creative deal structuring seminar geared for EXPERIENCED REAL ESTATE INVESTORS and is focused on STRUCTURE STACKING.  At What Box? 2024, you’ll see many creative offers and transactions that required 4,5,6, and even 7 different structuring tools to be used in harmony to allow a SINGLE transaction to close.

What Box? was born in a two-word email around 2004. Bill called his friend, Pete Fortunato with a deal-structuring question. Pete’s advice worked and the deal quickly closed. Bill sent Pete a Thank You letter for his incredible outside-the-box thinking. Pete sent a classic two-word email in reply: What Box?”

Those two words manifested a new way of thinking for Bill!

Bill Cook

With more than 30-years of face-to-face dealmaking experience, Bill is one of the most imaginative advanced creative deal structurers in the country. Whether you need to know how to creatively construct, or creatively fund, or creatively hold, or creatively sell a property, Bill is the person many experienced real estate investors turn to for help.

When it comes to advanced creative deal structuring, Bill’s focus is on Structure Stacking. With Structure Stacking, multiple creative deal structuring tools are used to make a single real estate investing transaction work. By using Structure Stacking, an investor can make impossible deals possible. Structure Stacking allows you to leave your competition, such that it is, in the dust.

In addition, Bill is one of a handful of real estate investors who has the know-how, skill, and experience to work with Pure Options. Less than 1% of the real estate investing world has ever heard of a Pure Option, even though it’s one of the most effective deal structuring tools in the business. For over 20 years, Bill has used Pure Options to generate cash flow, profit and to protect his and Kim’s assets.

Bill has taught his What Box? Seminar for six years and has helped investors all over the country to become better, more creative deal-structurers. Bill’s methods and ‘What Box?’ thinking has helped his friends and fellow investors to become more financially sound, more financially free than they could ever imagine! You are going to benefit greatly from this event……..we promise!

Topics covered in this seminar:

Advantages & Disadvantages of selling a real property and giving owner financing (hint: GEPA!)

How to capture a property’s appreciation & cash flow AFTER you’ve sold it!

Lenders: How to share in a property’s appreciation & cash flow

Pure Options ~ vitally important in the coming chaos!

Why 121 Deals can be the best TAX-FREE real estate investing technique on the planet

What’s better ~ houses or paper?

The best paperwork & entities to use to transfer transactional benefits

The importance of understanding real estate title

How to defeat the threat of a lawsuit before it begins

The difference between a Promissory Note, Equity Sharing Note and Purchase Money Note

The difference between Walking the Mortgage & Walking the Note

“We took Bill’s What Box? Seminar and his Options Seminar and learned (and implemented) so many ‘structure-stacking deal-structures’ that our family’s financial wealth has skyrocketed! Who knew some of the crazy things you can do!  I love how Bill teaches!  So easy to understand!”

Samuel N.

Bill has the God-given talent of explaining the most complex deal-structures and making them easy to understand.  His heart and obvious passion for helping people succeed in real estate is a refreshing blessing for this industry.

Sue M.

> What’s in it for you: Many wrongly think deals are found.  Opportunities are found; deals are creatively constructed! Very few investors seek to master ADVANCED creative deal making.  These investors seek to construct offers that their competitors can’t even fathom! Truly win-win deals. Are you one of these elite few?


In-person or Zoom option: Because the structures we teach are so advanced, we strongly recommend you attend What Box? 2024 in person. Plus, the benefits of networking with other like-minded investors is priceless!However, we recognize that some folks just can’t travel easily.So we offer both options for your convenience. Everyone who attends – whether zoom or in person – receives the audio/video recordings of the 2-day event, the What Box? Manual, the documents discussed in class (in word &/or .pdf) and the slide presentations.

> Now it’s up to you: Real estate investing is a simple business ~ but it’s not easy!  It’s not about buying, selling and renting houses.  It’s about finding people to help and problems to solve.  At What Box? 2024 you’ll see lots of real-world deals ~ including the paperwork used to memorialize the accords.  If you believe having more and better tools in your deal-structuring toolbox ~ tools your competition doesn’t have, then we’ll see you at the What Box? 2024 Seminar in Tampa on September 14th & 15th, 2024.

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Date & Venue

September 14th & 15th, 2024

Marriott Tampa Westshore
1001 N Westshore Blvd. Tampa, FL 33607

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