What Box? Seminar

A One-of-a-Kind Creative Deal Structuring Seminar for Experienced Real Estate Investors

Bill Cook & Pete Fortunato

This is One of the Best Dealmaking classes Taught By Two of the Most Experienced Dealmaking Teachers

This Seminar is Not for Beginners, Nor the Faint of Heart!

Event Details

September 18th & 19th, 2021
Holiday Inn Westshore| Tampa, FL

Join Bill & Pete for two days of Creative Deal Structuring and Financing

Some of the Advanced Structures Bill and Pete Will Cover

  • Master Leases with Purchase Options
  • Seller Carryback Funding
  • Subject-to Deals
  • Lonnie Deals
  • Wrap Mortgages
  • Private Money Lenders
  • Shared-equity Notes
  • Pure Options

Additional topics Bill and Pete Will Cover

  • The questions that allow sellers to creatively structure their deals!
  • The documents used to memorialize each structure!
  • Entities used to control and transfer real estate!
  • How to become a Master Negotiator – it’s much easier than you think!
  • How to fund deals without institutional financing
  • Why your focus should be on the deal after the deal

The name of the game is Financial Freedom and the key is Mailbox Money!

Real estate investing is not about buying, selling or renting homes. It’s about helping people solve their real estate problems. Bill and Pete will show you a number of their win-win deals, including the paperwork used to memorialize the transaction.

“What Box?” The Seminar – If you want to learn how to do your deals better, if you want to be able to make the impossible deals profitable, then this is your gotta-be-there-event! Join us for an incredible weekend with two of the most experienced investors in the country – Pete Fortunato & Bill Cook.

We look forward to spending time with you at this awesome event.

Call Kim Cook – (770) 815-8728 – for more details, or simply email the registration form to [email protected]

About the Seminar: What Box? was born in a two-word email around 2004.  Bill called Pete with a deal-structuring question.  Pete’s advice worked and the deal quickly closed.  Bill sent Pete a Thank You letter for his incredible outside-the-box thinking.  Pete sent a classic two-word email in reply: What Box?”

About the Teachers: Bill Cook and Pete Fortunato are two of the best, most experienced creative deal structurers in the country.  Combined, for nearly 90 years, they have been solving buyers’ and sellers’ real estate problems.  They know how to do.  They know how to teach.  What Box? is like no other seminar you’ll ever attend.  Promise!

Our Guarantee: We will not waste your time.  If, for any reason, you feel What Box? is not worth your valuable time, we will gladly refund your entrance fee – no questions asked.

What’s in it for you: Since 2012, most investors have learned from ‘gurus’ who only know how to wholesale or flip real estate in a quickly appreciating market.  Not much creativity or imagination needed.  But what happens when the music stops?  What happens when real estate values and rents begin to drop?  Do you know what to do?  Do you know how to structure those deals?

Pete and Bill have worked in many up and down markets.  Some of the structures they teach work best in appreciating markets, others they teach work best when the market is depreciating.  What is this knowledge worth to you?

In-person Class: Because the structures we teach are so advanced, What Box? is only an in-person class.  It’s not broadcast to the web.  It’s not recorded.  If you want to attend, you’ve gotta be there.

Warning: This class is NOT for beginner investors!  At What Box?, Bill and Pete only discuss the most advanced deal-structuring topics.  If you are trying to figure out how to meet with sellers and make written offers, What Box? is not for you.  There, you’ve been warned!

Now it’s up to you: Real estate investing is a simple business – but it’s not easy! It’s not about buying, selling and renting houses.  It’s about finding people to help and problems to solve.  At What Box? you’ll see lots of real-world deals – including the paperwork used to memorialize the accords.  If you believe having more and better tools in your deal-structuring toolbox – tools your competition doesn’t have – is a good thing, we’ll see you at What Box? in Tampa on September 18, 2021!

Questions and Debate always encouraged- Get involved, this class is for you!

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Peter Fortunato

Peter Fortunato

Real Estate Investment Guru

Peter is a libertarian and a capitalist. He believes that transactions which you can be proud of result from carefully conceived goals and plans followed by purposeful actions and scrupulous documentation. Upon graduating from high school in 1965, Peter went right into the real estate business. His motivation was his desire to be self-employed. Pete says “Everyone who knew me believed that I was unemployable. They were right. I still am!” Peter was excited about being free to build his business and his future. He attended seminars and read at every opportunity. He sought out and learned from many mentors and benefited from the example and counsel of his father who encouraged him and supported him from the beginning. Pete finished college with a clientele and an investment portfolio. By 1975 his investment income had eliminated his need for fees from clients to fund his lifestyle.
Peter continues to teach and to attend real estate and investment seminars and meetings regularly. He is respected for his clear and patient explanations of investment concepts and transactions.
He has been building, structuring, manipulating and managing investment transactions and portfolios for more than 45 years. Pete currently lives in Tampa, Florida.

Bill Cook

Bill Cook

Cash Flow REI

In real estate since 1996, and a master at creative deal-structuring, Bill Cook is a full-time real estate investor, speaker and author. He specializes in single-family homes, Lonnie Deals and mobile home parks. Bill believes that real estate investing, especially the act of buying and holding rental property, is the surest way to financial independence and wealth. Bill’s successful door-knocking techniques and deal-structuring strategies have helped him find money-making opportunities in this crazy real estate market. Bill and his wife, Kim also founded North Georgia Real Estate Investors Association in 2002 and host monthly meetings and seminars to discuss the best deal-structuring and financing techniques.

Date & Venue

September 18th & 19th, 2021

Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 5pm

Holiday Inn Westshore

700 North Westshore Blvd. Tampa, FL 33609

For reservations, Call (813) 289-8200

Event Pricing

$697 per person – $497 for prior What Box? attendees

$597 Early Bird Special! Discount automatically applied at checkout if you register before 8/18/2021.

Bring your Spouse or Business Partner for $450.

Call Kim Cook for details – (770) 815-8728

Need a Room?

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$89/Night. For reservations, Call (813) 289-8200 or reserve online.