The Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring

Home Study Course

A Hands-On, Learn-by-Example, Get-Your-Gears-Going, Wealth-Building Experience

“With The Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Workshop, Bill and Vena teach you how to structure an opportunity into a win-win solution!”

This Home Study Course is for serious investors and is a hands-on, learn-by-example, get-your-gears-going, wealth-building experience.

Bill Cook and Vena Jones-Cox taught The Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Seminar for 4 years and changed the lives of real estate investors around the country. Their successful, sold-out Ultimate Seminars taught investors different deal structures and techniques that help build confidence when talking with sellers and help create wealth – both long-term wealth and right-now cash.

Now Vena & Bill offer their 4-day Ultimate event as a Home Study Course! That’s right, you can take Vena and Bill home with you and learn at your convenience! Their combined 55+ years of knowledge and real-world deal structuring experience can help make you a more confident, competent, successful real estate investor. Their experience and knowledge will help catapult you light years ahead of your competition!


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Bill Cook

With more than 30-years of face-to-face dealmaking experience, Bill is one of the most imaginative advanced creative deal structurers in the country. Whether you need to know how to creatively construct, or creatively fund, or creatively hold, or creatively sell a property, Bill is the person many experienced real estate investors turn to for help.

When it comes to advanced creative deal structuring, Bill’s focus is on Structure Stacking. With Structure Stacking, multiple creative deal structuring tools are used to make a single real estate investing transaction work. By using Structure Stacking, an investor can make impossible deals possible. Structure Stacking allows you to leave your competition, such that it is, in the dust.

In addition, Bill is one of a handful of real estate investors who has the know-how, skill, and experience to work with Pure Options. Less than 1% of the real estate investing world has ever heard of a Pure Option, even though it’s one of the most effective deal structuring tools in the business. For over 20 years, Bill has used Pure Options to generate cash flow, profit and to protect his and Kim’s assets.

Bill has taught his What Box? Seminar for six years and has helped investors all over the country to become better, more creative deal-structurers. Bill’s methods and ‘What Box?’ thinking has helped his friends and fellow investors to become more financially sound, more financially free than they could ever imagine! You are going to benefit greatly from this event……..we promise!

Bill Cook

Vena Jones-Cox

The only thing Vena Jones-Cox loves more than teaching people how to set their financial lives to rights by wholesaling houses is…wholesaling houses.

Wholesaling is a time-tested strategy that, in 5 simple steps, puts big chunks of cash into your pocket—without getting involved in risky rehabs, rental management, borrowing money, or even having to buy the properties themselves. It’s a strategy that’s both financially and personally rewarding—not to mention a lot of fun.

At the same time, she’s a huge advocate for rigorous training in the wholesaling business—Vena says, “Wholesalers who don’t know what they’re doing burn sellers, burn buyers, burn their own reputations and attract the attention of regulators. Wholesalers who’ve bothered to invest time and money in real training are the ones that make real money, build real businesses, and provide real benefits to their customers and the community.”

Following a blessedly-brief stint in corporate America, Vena began investing in real estate full time in 1989. Since that time, she’s been a principal in over 800 transactions including rentals, lease/options, note purchases, rehabs, and, of course, wholesale deals. She’s a licensed real estate broker and founder of REStructure Opportunity Fund, a privately-held equity fund that buys houses, notes and small apartment properties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Vena is the past president of the Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati, the Ohio Real Estate Investors Association, and the National Real Estate Investors Association, and the Founder of Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs in Columbus, Ohio. She lives in Cincinnati with the world’s cutest dog and evilest cat.

Vena Jones-Cox

With The Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring
Home Study Course, You will Learn:

The Foundation of Creative Financing Strategies

Critically Important: Promises & Paperwork

Structure: Subject-To Deals

Structure: Pure Options

Structure: Seller-Carryback Mortgage Deals

How to Talk to Sellers: Scripts, Teeter-totters & T-bars

Steps for Building Price and/or Terms Offers

Structure: Lease / Options

Structure: Wrap Deals

Structure: Land Contracts

Additional Topics Bill & Vena Cover:

  • LEARN how to determine which deals to keep for long-term benefits and which to flip for quick cash!
  • LEARN how to use other people’s money and knowledge to complete deals that seem totally impossible to do!
  • LEARN how you can increase your wealth-building portfolio – more than you ever thought possible – even if you have zero money or credit!
  • LEARN how to think and navigate through all the crazy issues and situations that sellers present and still put together deals that 99% of your competitors never even thought of!
  • GET all the forms and contracts from the amazing deals that Bill and Vena discuss. Yep, seriously!! 

The Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Workshop is unlike anything you’ve attended before. Vena and Bill know how to break down the complex and make the deal structures easy to understand.

Kate N.

I just closed on the deal you helped me structure and made $24, 377! Even the closing attorney said it never would have closed without your help. Thanks, Bill! What a life changer!

Jake A.

Click here to view the Table of Contents from the 455-page Ultimate Creative Deal Structuring Manual. Yep, you read that right……the Ultimate Home Study Course comes with a 455-page Manual filled with ways to help you succeed in the Real Estate Industry!

Purchase the Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Home Study Course and you will Receive:

  • Complete Audio & Video Recordings from the Ultimate 4-day Event
  • The 455-page Ultimate Creative Deal Structuring Manual
  • Bill & Vena’s Documents mentioned in the Manual and in class
  • The PowerPoint Presentations from the Ultimate 4-day Event
  • And, AND as an Extra, Extra BONUS, you immediately receive access to the weekly Wednesday night Ultimate Zoom Calls!  Bring your questions, problems, and deals and become a part of the Ultimate Family!  The investors on these weekly calls share their knowledge and give their hearts to help each other succeed in this crazy real estate industry.  Together, they have built a wonderful community!  Act now and become part of our super special Ultimate Family!

This amazing, Home Study Course will give you the tools you need to kick butt and solve problems in any market!  Learn how to create cashflow and build wealth with this one-of-a-kind Home Study Course.

Let Vena & Bill help you get prepared and succeed in this industry!  Act now and take home this informative, educational Ultimate Home Study Course!

Ultimate Seminar on Screens
The Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Workshop Manual

“When talking with a seller, it’s about doing for, not doing to.  It’s about finding people to help and problems to solve.  It’s about having the knowledge and skills to help when your competition can’t. It’s about being prepared!