The Power of Options

Home Study Course

Learn How to Make Impossible Deals Possible!

“Opportunities arise on every street corner if you know how to structure an Option!”

The Power of Pure Options Home Study Course is for seasoned, experienced investors who already have a working knowledge of deal structures like Subject-to, Wrap Mortgages, Owner-carry, etc. 

For more than 20 years, Bill Cook has used Options to make impossible deals possible ~ and more profitable!  Bill learned the power of options from the very best in the business ~ Jack Miller and Pete Fortunato.  In 2021, Bill accepted the challenge of teaching this powerful deal structure and his Manuals, Seminars, and Zoom calls have helped investors across the country build massive wealth and financial freedom!

And now, you too can learn how to utilize this incredible deal structure.  Options are one of the most powerful, and least used, deal structures in real estate investing.  Your competition has no clue what they are or how they work!  So grab this Home Study Course and learn how to kick butt!

Why invest in this Home Study Course?

Because it’s a huge investment in you! 

 What is your ‘WHY’?  Financial freedom? Building wealth for your family? 

Options can help you structure deals that will create massive wealth.  Options can also help make your deals safer ~ which will definitely come in handy in the coming market!  Learn this structure and protect what you and your family have worked so hard for!

Ever found a seller who doesn’t want to sell yet, but desperately needs money for a new roof, or air conditioner?  Pure Options allow you to solve homeowners’ real estate problems when they DON’T want to sell and STILL make incredible money just by knowing how to solve the problem!

With The Options
Home Study Course, You will Learn:

What is a Pure Option and what makes them so powerful?

What should you do before getting or giving an Option?

Who will agree to an Option?

How to protect your Option from getting passed over by the title searcher (Deed Dogs)

Must an Option consideration only be cash? Hint: NO!

What if you don’t exercise your Option?

Why is an Option safer than a loan?

What paperwork do I use to do an Option?

What’s the difference between Strategic Options, Tactical Options, Magic Options, Buy-back Options, and Asset Protection Options?

How can Options allow you to capture both a property’s appreciation and amortization?

Bill, you have a unique way of teaching that really inspires me and helps build my confidence.  I have taken every class you’ve taught since 2015 and the lessons I’ve learned have changed my life.  Not to mention my bank account!  My husband says I walk taller and my kids are forever grateful to you!

Marie P.

Bill and Kim, I just sold/owner financed a rental to one of my tenants.  I remembered what you taught in class, used your example in the manual and got an Option for 25% of the upside when he sells. Who knew I could still make money on a house that I sold years later!  This Options deal structure is a game-changer!  Thanks for breaking it down where even I could understand it!

Frank H.

Purchase the Options Home Study Course, and you will Receive:

  • The Complete Audio & Video Recordings from the Options 2-day Event
  • The 225-page Power of Options Manual (in .pdf format) that explains what a Pure Option is and how it works, AND interesting, real-world case studies!
  • The Documentation you need to do a Pure Option, as well as how to secure it to the target property
  • And as an added BONUS, you will immediately receive access to the weekly Monday night Options Study Group Zoom Calls! Bring your questions, problems, and deals and become a part of the Options Family! These weekly calls are only for those who have attended the Options Seminar or purchased the Options Home Study Course.

Bill’s Power of Options Seminar is a 2-day Event, filled with information and real-world case studies of how the powerful Options tool created massive wealth in our investment portfolio!  Come join us live in-person or via zoom, your choice!  With the purchase of the Home Study Course, your admission is paid!

Learn how to do deals with homeowners who DON’T want to sell!   Yep, they’re profitable!

Bill has helped sellers in need by putting roofs on their houses, in return for options to purchase at future dates.  Bill has traded chattel (cars, boats) in return for options on houses.  Yep, that’s a thing!  Let Bill show you how it’s done!

The informative Power of Options Home Study Course will give you the knowledge you need to structure and document options and the confidence you need to solve problems in any market! 

Become the ‘go-to’ person in your area!  Be smarter and more creative than your competition!  Learn the power of the Options tool and watch your wealth grow!

Let Bill help you get prepared and succeed in any market.  ACT NOW and take home this informative, educational Power of Options Home Study Course!

The Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Workshop Manual

Become the ‘go-to’ person in your area!  Be smarter and more creative than your competition!  Learn the power of the Options tool and watch your wealth grow!