Wrap Mortgages – A Mystery No More! If you missed the FREE Webclass with Bill Cook & Vena Jones-Cox, never fear…….the link is right here!


with Vena Jones-Cox & Bill Cook

Word around town is that Wrap Mortgages seem to kerfuffle people more than any other creative deal structure. Even relatively experienced creative investors have trouble…er, excuse the pun…wrapping their heads around how and when they work.

Wrap Mortgages can be a tad confusing, but they are super powerful in a bunch of situations that you probably run across every day.  So let’s bone up, hone our skills, and be ready when an opportunity arises!

Bill Cook & Vena Jones-Cox have put together a 90-minute webclass devoted to helping you understand Wrap Mortgages and how you can use them to get more deals, sell on owner financing more safely, and lend money when you don’t have enough money to lend! (Thinking about your Solo 401k here!)

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If you already know that you don’t understand wrap mortgages, but totally recognize that you need to, then here’s a free web call that will take the mystery out of Wraps for you!

If you’re not even sure why you should CARE what a wrap mortgage (called an all-inclusive deed of trust) is, let me give you the 5-bullet summary:

  1. They are a form of owner financing that’s been used for decades
  1. They solve the problem you run into when a seller is willing to let you buy subject to his existing loan, but there’s so much equity that a standard sub to would require a HUGE down payment that you just don’t have
  1. They get super-powerful as interest rates rise and sellers want to finance property for you, but not at the 3% underlying rate THEY have
  1. They let you sell one of YOUR houses with owner financing when YOU don’t want to just let the buyer take over your loan 
  1. They let you make private loans when you just have a little bit of money, but the borrower needs a lot of money

In other words, you probably ought to understand them better than you do.

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Vena & Bill spend an 1.5 hours answering questions after this webclass.  Check it out!

Bill Cook Editor
Bill and Kim Cook are a husband and wife real estate investing team. Their core belief is that real estate investing is not about buying, selling or renting property. It’s about helping folks solve their real estate problems.