Great Lessons from a stand-up Military Guy. Don’t Quit! There should be no Plan B! An amazing interview with Paul Klaas & Bill Cook.

Don't Quit Real Estate Investing! - Lessons from a Navy SEAL
Yes, this video is 1.5 hours long, but trust me……you are going to want to hear this! Great lessons from a career, stand-up military guy!

Bill Cook interviews Paul Klaas. Paul is a Senior Chief, Navy SEAL, 16 years in the Navy. He’s a sniper and a past BUDS instructor. He’s also a real estate investor and realtor. (Holy cow!!!! Does this man ever sleep???)
Often real estate investors find themselves hitting the proverbial wall. Maybe the competition is too tough. Maybe it’s impossible to find decent funding. Maybe you have three vacant rentals. Bottom line: There’s a good reason to throw in the towel, to give up, to quit!
Don’t quit. Don’t think about Plan B. Paul helps us to understand quitting…and how not to do it!

You’d want to be in the trenches with this guy, for sure!

Kim Cook Administrator
Happily married to Bill Cook since 1995, Kim is a full-time real estate investor.