Bill Cook interviews Dyches Boddiford

Dyches Boddiford: Interview With A Real Estate Investing Legend

Dyches Boddiford is one of a kind, a real estate investing legend.

Dyches has been one of our primary advanced real estate investing teachers since 1997. Kim and I LOVE this man! He is the big brother I never had.

Dyches is known nationwide as one of the best deal makers and deal making teachers in real estate. His knowledge and experience level is boundless!

Tax strategies, asset protection, creative deal structuring, creative funding, mobile home parks, self-directed retirement accounts, Dyches is a master of it all!

But why did he become a real estate investor? What was he like when he started? What were the biggest lessons he has learned? How did Dyches Boddiford get to be Dyches Boddiford?

When Dyches hit the proverbial brick wall – a wall we all hit – why didn’t he quit? What made him keep moving forward.

We all know Dyches, but few get to see behind the Boddiford curtain. Almost none have heard him explain how he works. This is your chance to hear Dyches discuss real estate investing in a manner you’ve never before heard.

Enjoy! And thanks Mr. Boddiford for agreeing to do this awesome interview!!!

Love y’all,

Bill Cook

Bill Cook Editor
Bill and Kim Cook are a husband and wife real estate investing team. Their core belief is that real estate investing is not about buying, selling or renting property. It’s about helping folks solve their real estate problems.