How to Use A Financial Calculator – A Real Estate Investor’s Most Valuable Tool




How to Use A Financial Calculator – A Real Estate Investor’s Most Valuable Too

By:  Bill Cook

Have you ever wondered how wealthy people seem to keep getting wealthier?  They simply understand money!

What about you?  Do you know how to create wealth simply by understanding the power of the financial calculator?  Does your competition?

Bill’s Financial Calculator Manual and Workbook helps you construct better, safer, more profitable real estate investing deals.

  • This Calculator Workbook will help you understand Money
  • Know your numbers and have confidence when negotiating to buy or sell
  • Determine whether the deal is worth pursuing
  • Calculate mortgage payments when the seller says ‘YES’
  • What app to use on your phone to make negotiating easier
  • Learn the keys to use to get the answer you need to do the deal
  • Favorite short cuts for faster answers
  • How to determine yield on a deal
  • The Financial Calculator will help you negotiate WIN-WIN DEALS!

More than a Workbook, Bill’s Financial Calculator Manual gives you step-by-step instructions on which keys to use on your financial calculator – and which keys are the money keys!

The Cash Flow Diagrams give you a ‘problem’, then helps you solve the deal by diagraming it out on a Cash Flow Table.  Plus, Bill gives you the answers so you can check to make sure you solved it correctly!

Deals and calculator problems for the Beginner and Advanced real estate investor.

Get a jump on your competition.  Meet your seller with confidence and with the correct tools to make your deal work!

$147 + tax. Free Shipping (in the USA)