How to Knock on Homeowners’ Doors & Make Written Offers




How to Knock on Homeowners’ Doors & Make Written Offers
By:  Bill Cook

Do you agree that more offers beget more deals and that more deals beget financial freedom?

If so, how many written offers did you make in the last thirty (30) days?

Does your competition know how to knock on doors and present a seller with a written offer?  Do you?  Learn how to achieve massive success – no matter what the market does – with Bill’s simple, confidence building door knocking techniques!

This Comprehensive Manual will teach you:

  • How to talk to a Seller and get them to invite you in
  • How to find ‘Shadow’ Sellers
  • Where to stand, what to ask, what to wear
  • What questions to ask distressed Sellers
  • Examples of T-Bar offers
  • Examples of Teeter-Totter offers
  • Take the fear out of making an offer!
  • How to construct a Terms/Price offer
  • How to pay more for a house than it’s worth and still make money!

Bill’s vast amount of knowledge and over 48 years of experience knocking on homeowners’ doors fill this 100+ page Door Knocking and Offer Making Manual.  He shows you how to easily approach a seller and make offers that will be accepted before your competition even knows the house is for sale!

If ‘yellow’ letters and other assorted mailers aren’t bringing in the leads you need,

If you are tired of getting outbid at the foreclosure auction,

If you are struggling to find good deals on the MLS,

Then get back to basics and learn how to knock on doors and talk to sellers in person!  Learn how to solve a seller’s problem and create a win-win deal for you both!  Learn how to beat your competition to the deal – every time!

Bill Cook’s Manual, ‘How to Knock On Homeowners’ Doors and Make Written Offers’ gives you the tools you need to get out of your car, walk up to a Sellers’ door and make them a written offer with confidence!   With confidence!

$197 + tax.  Free Shipping (in the USA)