Bill Cook Interviews Brandon Mcdonald

Brandon Mcdonald is married to Jocelyn and is an experienced, successful real estate investor.  He primarily invests in the Nashville, Tennessee area with his two partners Brandon Rumbley and Jason Dodge.

Brandon began investing in 2006, when the real estate market was at its then peak.  At the time, he was a full-time touring musician – be played bass and is a fantastic singer.

In 2009, at a poker game, Brandon met Rumbley and Dodge.  They decided to partner up and form a real estate investing company.  It’s been a lucrative partnership.

Mcdonald oversees construction.  Rumbley has his realtor’s license and oversees acquisitions.  Dodge is the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

They’ve dipped their toes into all sorts of creative structures: flipping, whole selling, lending, new construction, owner financing, wrapping, long & short-term rentals, multifamily, storage units, etc.

Why was Brandon attracted to real estate investing?  His goal was financial freedom.  Also, he didn’t want someone telling him what to do for the rest of his life.  He likes being in charge of his own destiny.

If you want to know how a successful real estate investor thinks, what keeps him from failing, you’re going to love Brandon’s interview.

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