1st Annual RV REIA 2019 – Wisconsin

What is RV REIA (Real Estate Investing Adventure)? The Cooks and Dombecks hosted the first RV REIA in 2019 in Wisconsin.

Since we’re all real estate investors, and since the Dombecks have kids, and since we both had RVs, we thought it would be a hoot to camp for a few days at an RV park that included a large waterpark. During the days, the kids played hard at the waterpark and during the evenings the adults discussed creative real estate investing transactions around the campfire.

The first year was a hit.  What a blast!  The dealmaking discussions were in-depth.  The laughs came often.  The feeling of family was strong!  No one wanted it to end.

One night by the campfire it was decided to do this again next year.  The decision was also made to invite some of our real estate investing friends who own RVs to join us.

RV REIA was born!

What makes RV REIA different from most any other real estate investing event you’ve ever attended is that the focus is on the kids.

Back home, when around their friends, the children of successful real estate investors often feel they are the odd man out.  Most of their friends parents have W2 jobs. Meanwhile, kids with investor parents work strange hours, often discuss things like returns, yields, rehabs, and landlording. The world of an entrepreneur is very different from the world of people with “real” jobs.

At RV REIA, the kids discover they are not alone; there are other real estate investing families much like their own.  They learn many families are working to become financially free so they can live their lives the way THEY choose!

The heartfelt feeling the adults experience watching all the kids interact with each other cannot be expressed in words. There is no doubt RV REIA changes these kids lives forever.

RV REIA doesn’t stop with the kids. Because the parents spend several days together in a relaxed atmosphere, many great dealmaking questions are asked and answered. More importantly, lifelong friendships are made.

There’s nothing like RV REIA.  We hope you join us for the next one.  Go to BillandKimCook.com to see when the next RV REIA is scheduled.

Love y’all,
Bill Cook

Bill Cook Editor
Bill and Kim Cook are a husband and wife real estate investing team. Their core belief is that real estate investing is not about buying, selling or renting property. It’s about helping folks solve their real estate problems.