Power of Pure Options Seminar 2023

Learn How to Make Impossible Deals Possible!

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June 24-25, 2023
Zoom Webinar

Opportunities arise on every street corner if
you know how to structure an Option!

Have you ever used a Pure Option when making creative written offers? Heck, have you even heard of Pure Options?

Pure Options are one of the most powerful deal structuring tools in real estate investing. The best part is your competition, and most other investors, have no clue what they are or how they work!

Pure Options allow you to solve homeowners’ real estate problems when they DON’T want to sell their house right now. What? That’s a thing? Yes, you can solve a seller’s real estate problem, even if they don’t want to sell right now. Yep, come to class and we’ll explain how to help someone and make money at it!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We will not waste your time. If, for any reason, you feel the Pure Options Seminar is not worth your valuable time, we will gladly refund your entrance fee – no questions asked.

Some of the Benefits of Pure Options
You’ll Learn at This Seminar:

What is a Pure Option and what makes them so powerful?

What should you do before getting or giving an Option?

Who will agree to an Option?

How to protect your Option from getting passed over by the title searcher (Deed Dogs)

Wrap Must an Option consideration only be cash? Hint: NO!

What if you don't exercise your Option?

Why is an Option safer than a loan?

What paperwork do I use to do an Option?

What's the difference between Strategic Options, Tactical Options, Magic Options, Buy-back Options, and Asset Protection Options?

How can Options allow you to capture both a property's appreciation and amortization?

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  • Detailed manual explaining Pure Options & how they work, with Case Studies and Real-World Examples.
  • The documentation you need to do a Pure Option, as well as how to secure it to the target property.
  • PLUS… The Video/Audio Recordings of the 2-day Event!  Watch over and over at your convenience!
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee if the seminar was not worth your valuable time

What is a Pure Option?

Most real estate investors only experience with Options is when an Option is used shoulder-to-shoulder with a Lease Agreement.

Most mistakenly believe leaseoption is a single word…a single deal-structuring tool.  This is wrong.

Correctly stated, it is a lease with an option to purchase within a pre-agreed-to time frame.  Each deal structuring tool captures a different benefit.  The Lease captures USE.  The Option captures the right to PURCHASE.

We call it a Pure Option when the Option is used by itself – not in combination with a Lease Agreement.

Pure Options is a tool your competition knows nothing about!

Who is teaching the course?

Bill Cook has been creatively structuring deals since 1990 – more than 30 years.  He learned how to work with Options from the legendary Jack Miller.  He’s been doing option work for more than 20 years.

“We took Bill’s What Box? Seminar and his Options Seminar and learned (and implemented) so many ‘structure-stacking deal-structures’ that our family’s financial wealth has skyrocketed! Who knew some of the crazy things you can do!  I love how Bill teaches!  So easy to understand!”

Samuel N.

Bill has the God-given talent of explaining the most complex deal-structures and making them easy to understand.  His heart and obvious passion for helping people succeed in real estate is a refreshing blessing for this industry.

Sue M.

Date & Venue

June 24th and 25th, 2023

Virtually via Zoom (link will be emailed)

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