What Box: Creative Deal Structuring Seminar for Real Estate Investors

What Box? is a two-day real estate investing seminar like no other.  The focus is on advanced creative deal structuring…Structure Stacking to be specific.

What is Structure Stacking?  In the real world of creative deal making, rarely is a single creative tool used to make a deal work.  Often is the case that multiple creative deal structuring tools are needed to make a single deal happen.

What Box? is advanced creative deal structuring geared for experienced real estate investors.

Joining Bill Cook will be three real estate investing masters who will deep dive into real estate investing techniques that are working great in this inflationary market.

Maria Giordano, a talented, experienced dealmaker will help us all become better negotiators at the seller’s kitchen table.

Lindsey Jensen is amazing.  In the past six years, she’s grown her real estate investing portfolio from zero to $10 million dollars.  One of the most important tools Lindsey uses is Master Leasing.  Wait until you see how she makes this deal structuring tool sing and dance!

We’ve all heard fortunes can be made with mobile homes.  Adrian Smude will show us how to safely invest in these cash flowing money machines.

Bill Cook will show how to use multiple creative deal structuring tools to make as single transaction possible.  Bill has been creatively structuring deals for more than 30 years!  He learned from the best: Jack Miller, Pete Fortunato, and Dyches Boddiford!

This year’s What Box? seminar will be August 20 & 21, 2022, in Tampa, Florida.  If you can’t be there in person, we offer a Zoom option.

To reserve your seat and to get more information about What Box?, go to BillandKimCook.com.

Looking forward to seeing you in Tampa!

Love y’all!
Bill and Kim Cook

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