Vena Jones-Cox & Bill Cook Present The Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Workshop!

Vena Jones-Cox & Bill Cook’s

Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Workshop!

Wow! No doubt, the new Administration will bring a lot of changes in 2021

Get yourself ready! Get yourself prepared!
Get yourself educated!

Start this New Year right by investing in YOURSELF!

Start this New Year right by investing in ~ and securing ~ your FINANCIAL FUTURE!

Start this New Year right by attending:

Vena Jones-Cox & Bill Cook’s

Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Workshop


Complex, Creative, Deal Structures ~ Simplified!

Bill Cook & Vena Jones-Cox.  
Together.  On one stage.  Priceless!


Join us live in-person in the Ballroom or Live Online!

February 19th, 20th & 21st, 2021
Holiday Inn – Westshore
Tampa, Florida

Are you the ‘go-to’ person in your area? The person everyone turns to when uncomfortable situations arise?

Are you ready to get a ‘knowledge’ jump on your competition?

We believe 2021 will be filled with people in need and, if you are like us, you are anxious to sharpen your deal-structuring and deal-financing skills and go find opportunities to help!

Step out into this post-Covid world prepared!

When talking with a seller, it’s about doing for, not doing to. It’s about finding people to help and problems to solve. It’s about having the knowledge and skills to help when your competition can’t. It’s about being prepared!

Are you ready? Will you know how to structure an opportunity into a win-win solution? Bill & Vena do! And they want to teach you some incredible deal structures!

Come join them for this amazing 3-day event in sunny Tampa, Florida or attend online!

Join us in the Ballroom or Online!

Bill and Vena’s 3-day
Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Workshop is $797/Virtual Attendance or $697/In-person Attendance ($100 off for travel allowance)

We encourage you to bring your spouse, kids or business partner for $300!

After all, investing is a team sport!

The Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Workshop is unlike anything you’ve attended before. Vena & Bill know how to break down the complex and make the deal structures easy to understand.

This class is for serious real estate investors and is a hands-on, learn-by-example, get-your-gears-going, life-changing experience!

Vena & Bill will teach you how to put together more creative deals than you do right now, or your money back! We want to see your smiling face in the ballroom in sunny Tampa, Florida. (classroom tables will be set up with social distancing measures in mind). Or, join us online!

Can’t decide which way to go? Ballroom or online? You can always sign up now and change your mind later! Due to this Covid mess, we are limited to 100 people in the ballroom, and we are dangerously close to that number. So act now!

Join us for some amazing networking opportunities with people of like mind. All of your friends will be there. And the ‘back row’ networking opportunities with the ‘old guys’ will be priceless!

Kim Cook Administrator
Happily married to Bill Cook since 1995, Kim is a full-time real estate investor.